Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities and sports form an integral part of the school curriculum. Annual sports meet is held for various section of the school with competitions of all kind P.T., Yoga, Friday Thought, Moral story and Historical knowledge are some of the important features of Morning Assembly.


Provision is made by the school for games, sports and athletics.
Participation in sports, games and athletics is compulsory for all pupil of the school.
The written permission of the principal is required if any pupil wish to be exempted from sports etc. such exemption will be granted in exceptional cases only and for a definite period of time.


The school has a well-integrated house system under which all competitions are conducted. It promotes the qualities of leadership, team effort, group loyalty and competitive spirit. The school has four houses namely Tagore, Gandhi, Arbindo and Radha Krishan. The students are encouraged to participate in various activities in their respective houses such as debates, declamation, skits, recitation etc. House meetings are arranged in zero period on every Saturday except 2nd Saturday.


Competitions like Debate, Declamation, Quiz, Mental Maths, Hand writing, Poem Recitation, Painting, Solo Song, Group Song, Sketch, Fancy Dress, Solo Dance, Folk Dance, One Act Play and Flower Arrangement etc. are organised within the houses and thereafter at the level of inter house competition.


The school magazine ‘Nanhi Kiran’ is published in the year 2010 as to provide an opportunity to the students for improving and enhancing their writing skills.


Functions like Fresher’s Welcome, Teacher’s dayIndependence Day, Sanskrit Day and Raksha Bandhan are celebrated within the school.

Annual Sports meet, Personality Development Camps, Annual Function, Students Parliament and Science exhibition are the important functions of the school.